4×4 Training Courses Scotland and UK wide

June 18, 2015 in Courses

4x4 Training Courses Scotland Lantra-Awards Off RoadOur 4×4 training courses are run in Scotland, across the UK and worldwide by some of the most highly qualified instructors. Certified by Lantra-Awards, our professional off-road driving qualification is the industry standard for 4×4 drivers. Protec senior trainer Ken Stewart is also the consultant instructor for national 4×4 training provider – Beyond Driving who provide our All-Terrain Vehicle (Quad Bike and Sit-In ATV) courses.

Lantra-Awards 4×4 Familiarisation & Winter Driving

Our customised Lantra-Awards 4×4 familiarisation course is run over one day for up to 3 candidates and is ideal for drivers new to 4x4s. Designed to cover all of the PUWER requirements for 4×4 vehicles, including risk awareness training both on-road and in limited off-road situations, our 4×4 familiarisation training is an ideal solution for professional drivers who are not required to drive in severe off-road conditions.

Drivers are often provided with crossover vehicles which are not designed to be taken into the kind of terrain that would be covered on the Lantra-Awards Professional Off-Road Driving course. Our trainers have extensive experience with on-road 4×4 driving and are able to provide comprehensive training on the technology fitted to part-time and all-wheel-drive vehicles.Lantra-Awards Approved 4x4 Off Road Courses

The training covers: vehicle transmissions, differentials and locks as well as anti-lock braking systems (ABS), Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control programmes as well as comprehensive vehicle and tyre checks. Ideally suited to drivers who are required to drive on-road in adverse weather conditions, it is recommended as an essential introduction to the driving skills and awareness required for flood responders and winter driving.

1-Day Lantra-Awards Off-Road Course

This offroad 4wd course is aimed at private individuals or as a refresher for industrial users.

The Lantra Professional 4×4 Refresher course is designed to re-certify drivers who have previously had professional training. It is essential for operators who rarely use their skills to practice them regularly, and this course ensures that skills are brushed up and knowledge is up to date. It is also an ideal way for drivers with extensive experience to undergo a formal assessment to gain a recognised certification, and for organisations to verify that best practice is being upheld.

The private individuals (non-professional) off-road course option provides a basic introduction to 4×4 systems, vehicle preparation and practical experience of driving in a variety of situations. It is ideal for the 4×4 owner/driver who spends most of their life on tarmac but would like to know a little more about their vehicle’s ability and technology and improve their off road driving skills.

Much of what is covered on this course is also useful for on-road severe winter driving conditions such as snow, heavy rain and floods.

Lantra Awards Certification (Recreational User or Experienced Operator) is included.

2-Day Lantra-Awards Professional Off-Road Driving Certificate

This Health & Safety Executive approved course is accredited by Lantra Awards. The Lantra Professional Off Road Driving course covers all of the material covered in the one-day course but provides much more depth of knowledge and much more driving experience – particularly on difficult ground.

Almost the whole course is spent in the vehicle and the terrain becomes much more demanding as it progresses to give the end user full confidence in the vehicle and its capabilities.

In addition, practical recovery will be conducted using a variety of techniques in real situations.

This is the recommended course for all those who will operate on severe ground, overseas or in other potentially demanding environments. It is particularly suitable for emergency services, telecoms and power system maintainers and all operators who may be called upon to perform in severe conditions.

Operators who have previously been trained on our 4×4 Familiarisation are eligible to attend the 1 day 4×4 Experienced Operator course.

Training can also be tailored to specific requirements. Contact us for more details of bespoke courses.

Contact us for more information on our Lantra Awards 4×4 courses.

Protec 4×4 and off-road training

Whatever your needs – work, travel or play, our training courses will give you the skills and experience to cope with the most demanding conditions.

All of our 4×4 courses include an on-road session which highlights the differences between 4×4’s and cars on the road and makes drivers aware of the limitations of the 4×4 on the road. This is delivered by a DSA approved trainer with Advanced Driving qualifications who has many years of experience in both driving and training in larger vehicles.

Every course also has a session on practical recovery techniques.

4×4 courses with Protec are generic and cover all types of 4×4 makes and systems with practical training being carried out in our vehicles or your own.

All our 4×4 training courses carry LANTRA Awards certification. This is the Health & Safety Executive recommended level of training for professional operators.

Our main off-road sites are in Ayrshire, serving the central belt of Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh and within easy reach of the Borders. We also have access to 4×4 courses in the Highlands, serving Inverness and Aberdeenshire.

Our courses are all taught by DVSA approved driving instructors and LANTRA Awards registered trainers.