Overland Expedition Preparation and Survival Skills Training

July 25, 2013 in Courses

Expedition Training 4x4 Overland SurvivalSafety, Expedition and Overland Training:

Prepared for the worst – 3-Day 4×4 and Survival Skills Package.

Our expedition preparation course is an all-round experience for those wanting to be fully prepared for travel or simply if you fancy a weekend away doing something a little different!

A busy 3 days of 4×4 training, first-aid skills and the principles of survival being put into practice will teach you as much about yourself as about the skills themselves.

The course is a well-balanced mix of theory, practical, challenging and fun. As well as learning to drive a 4×4, you will learn about the priorities of staying alive in the wilderness and how to source food and water in hostile conditions. This course is excellent preparation for anyone working in or considering travel to remote areas.

Specialist and Bespoke Training Packages:

Our training designers and experienced training delivery staff can accommodate most training requriements for travel-related or overseas work related sfaety and security training. Overland expedition preparation training is essential if you are planning to drive through challenging terrain. We will provide you with the knowledge required to plan for such an expedition, as well as give you the skills required to drive in the harshest of terrains, from deserts to mountains. However, we have worked in many parts of the world where the terrain is a minor part of the expedition, with political sensibilities, cultural understanding and diplomacy often playing a major part in the success of the journey. We will prepare you for your overlanding experience, enabling you to deal with these issues sensitively and effectively.

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Driver Safety Training

Protec offers a series of training options for drivers indcluding:

Winter Skills
Overseas Travel & Preparation
Overland 4×4 Expedition Training
Personal Security whilst Travelling
Chauffeur Training

These courses are taught by our DSA qualified and highly experienced training team all over the world.

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