First Aid Training

June 18, 2015 in Courses

First Aid Training Ayrshire HSE Approved Lantra Course

First Aid training from our Ayrshire training centre just south of Glasgow, and around the globe! We have covered all aspects of first aid training available to personnel outside the professional healthcare organisations. Our courses are fully certified and HSE Approved and are acceptable by the SIA, RYA, MCA, DfT and MSA. We run specialist first aid courses for forestry and arboriculturists, close protection officers and lone workers. The courses are accredited and certified by LANTRA Awards.

First-aid knowledge is something we don’t really think about – until we need it. Knowing how to protect yourself whilst carrying out simple but effective first-aid procedures saves lives every day.

First Aid Training – Essential Life Saving Skills.

One Day Emergency First Aid – HSE Approved

Essential simple life saving skills for those at work or involved in activities within normal response times for professional support.

Course includes recognition of life threatening conditions, resuscitation techniques and dealing with major bleeding.

3 and 4-Day First Aid at Work Certificate

HSE approved training course for workplace first-aiders. This course covers the full range of conditions a first-aider may be faced with including resuscitation, major bleeding, burns, poisoning, fractures and amputations as well as other conditions and situations. We run 4 day First Aid courses with additional modules designed for specialist applications.

(2 day refresher course also available if undertaken prior to expiry of existing qualification.)

Additional modules may be added as requested and bespoke courses can be designed for your purposes.

5-Day Remote Area First Aid

(Includes HSE certification)

This comprises the HSE 3-day course but covers more advanced techniques such as airway insertion, administration of pain relief and setting up fluid lines.

This is an ideal close protection first aid course, and for anyone working in hostile areas or in remote locations where medical assistance may be some time away. It is also appropriate for personnel in situations where there may be serious multiple injuries.

Specialist First-aid Courses

We recognise the specific risks posed by certain types of situation and offer additional modules on all our training courses to reflect these often unusual hazards such as:

Harness Suspension Trauma (for pylon workers, tree surgeons, rope access technicians etc)

Advanced Bloodstopping Techniques

Use of tourniquets, advanced dressings and haemostatic agents (Celox, Quick-clot etc) in high risk areas such as forestry. tree surgery and gunshot scenarios

All our courses are normally taught at our Ayrshire training centre close to Glasgow but can also be taught on site for clients requiring training in the workplace.

Our courses are highly regarded by those who have undertaken them. Whilst many training organisations have simplified their courses to rely on a rapid professional response, our training remains in-depth and to a more advanced level than the requirements of the basic HSE course. In short, we prepare people for what they may have to deal with rather than getting them a certificate to make them legal.

We have trainers experienced in first aid for tree surgens and arboriculture, with horses, on vehicle dependent expeditions, military, police and emergency services. Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise to ensure your staff get the best first aid training possible.

Contact us for more information about our specialist first aid courses.